Monday, August 27, 2018

Qualifying Tournament Registration NOW OPEN!

Check out the Pre-Kickoff Show starring Ken Johnson, Director of FIRST Tech Challenge on September 4 on Twitch! Look for more details coming in this week's team blast from FIRST!

This year, we're excited to offer 10 qualifying tournaments in Arizona and New Mexico spread out from early November to mid February, leading up to the Championship February 23 in Flagstaff. Please read the following information carefully as we've changed some of our pricing for events for this year. 

Registration Timeline:
  • 1st event: August 27 - September 12
  • 2nd event: September 13 - September 21
  • 3rd event: September 22 - October 5
  • Open registration: After October 5
We encourage teams to complete at least twice this season, and to compete in the early events to learn the game and make improvements for later events. 

Teams will receive a confirmation email approximately 3 days after registering for a tournament. We will create a wait list for tournaments as they fill up, and bring teams up to fill spots if they become available. This may be as late as one week prior to the event. Teams can see the status for each event in the Qualifying Tournament List, which will include the date last updated. --------------->

This year, teams will be sent a personalized invoice the week of October 8th for their events for the whole season. Pricing for this season will be as follows: 
  • 1 event: $150
  • 2 events: $250
  • 3 events: $325
**NEW: Teams will receive a $75 discount on their season registration if they register for and compete in a November tournament! 

Payment for your season is due by November 16!

Need to get a PO going soon? This information is available as a pdf under the "Team Resources" heading to the right.           ------------>           

(Note: Teams competing in the November 10 White Mountain event, please send your PO request to us before you compete if your school needs until November 16 to cut and send your check.) 


Teams may register for ONE event at this time. 

**Register your Team with FIRST ASAP via your dashboard at 

Can't wait to see you all at the Rover Ruckus Kickoff in 13 Days!!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Countdown to Kickoff!

Your Pre-Kickoff Checklist:
Coaches: begin checking these items off your list as kickoff approaches so your team is READY to RUCKUS as soon as the new game is released. 

STEP 1: Register your Team with FIRST
Be sure to log in to your Dashboard at to update your team contact information. Please be sure to include accurate contact information for both coaches

STEP 2: Apply for Grants
Rookie teams can apply for FIRST Tech Challenge startup grants. Veteran and Rookie teams in the Chandler and Tucson areas can apply for Arconic Foundation Grants. Information about both opportunities can be found HERE. 

STEP 3: Pay for your Team Registration & Buy your Robot Kit
All teams need to pay for your team registration and robot kit of parts ASAP UNLESS you've applied for a FIRST Tech Challenge Grant. Don't pay your registration until you hear if a grant was awarded. Once grant funds are applied, you can log in and pay any differences. Payment for team registration and your kit is done via your Dashboard. 

STEP 4: RSVP for Kickoff
September 8 Rover Ruckus will be launched! CLICK HERE to RSVP for the Kickoff events in AZ and NM. Both events will feature a full field and a variety of workshops to help get your season off to a great start. 

Interested in hosting a programming workshop at Kickoff? Contact Head FTA Eric Eliason

STEP 5: Choose your Qualifying Tournaments
This year we're offering 8 qualifiers in Arizona and 2 in New Mexico leading to the AZ & NM Championship in February. Registration for qualifiers will open by the end of this week! We're offering discounted registration fees for the November events, so compete early and often to get the most out of your season. Capacities for qualifiers can be found on the list to the right. 

Nov. 10 - White Mountain
Nov. 17 - Gilbert
Dec. 1 - Glendale
Dec. 8 - Tucson
Dec. 15 - Phoenix
Jan. 12 - Queen Creek
Jan. 12 - Alamogordo
Jan. 26 - Chandler
Jan. 26 - Albuquerque
Feb. 9 - West Valley

Stay tuned for Tournament Registration information coming your way soon! 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Welcome to the 2018/2019 ROVER RUCKUS SEASON!!!!

And welcome to our new blog! From now on, weekly updates will be posted here. You'll find important links and resources as well as updates on tournament capacities to the right. You can subscribe to the blog at the link on the bottom right, and be notified whenever we post new information. 

Kickoff is coming!!! This year we will again have live Kickoff events in Arizona and New Mexico. Save the date for September 8, 2018!

Both Kickoffs will include a full field, the chance to meet other teams, and a series of workshops to help you have an incredible season! More details, including a list of workshops, coming soon!

AZ Kickoff: Arizona State University Memorial Union, Tempe, AZ
   7:45 AM: Doors open
   8:30 AM: Season information
   9:00 AM: Game Reveal; Workshops until about 4:00 pm

NM Kickoff: Nex+Gen Academy, Albuquerque, NM
   9:00 AM: Doors open
   9:30 AM: Season information
  10:00 AM: Game Reveal; Workshops until about 5:00 pm

RSVP for Kickoff using the link to the right! 

Now is a great time to start new FIRST Tech Challenge Teams! Grants are available for rookie teams. The grants are $500 ($275 for team registration and $275 toward the robot kit.) Click the link to the right to find out more!