Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Arizona & New Mexico Championship Results

Arizona & New Mexico Championship Results
Congrats to all 48 teams that competed at last weekend's Championship, and a huge thank you to the CocoNuts and the army of volunteers that put on an amazing event! Thank you to all our qualifying tournament directors, teams, coaches, mentors, and volunteers for an incredible Rover Ruckus season. 

Inspire Award: 4216, Rise of Hephaestus

Outstanding Volunteers: Wade Batson & Brother Jack Henderson

Dean's List Finalists: Bradley Pollock (14814, Midnight Cicadas), Carina Anastasio (12724, BioHazard Robotics Detail), Miles Gregg (6929, Data Force)

Championship Winning Alliance (from Grand Canyon Division): 6929, Data Force & 12767, Catholic Master Builders & 10111, Herberger Javelinas 

Championship Finalist Alliance (from Enchantment Division): 3666, Hawks Robotics & 4216, Rise of Hephaestus & 2844, Valley X

Grand Canyon Division Finalist Alliance: 12724, BioHazard Robotics Detail & 12568, Vibrant Robotics & 13309, ISTA botCatz

Enchantment Division Finalist Alliance: 6174, Automatons & 8995, Jaegers Robotics & 10984, Beep Patrol

Think Award: 8081, Knights of the Lab Table

Connect Award: 7649, Bottregos 

Collins Aerospace Innovate Award: 12604, Tiger Blue

Design Award: 12568, Vibrant Robotics

Motivate Award: 15430, ACE Robotics

Control Award: 10984, Beep Patrol

Promote Award: 12568, Vibrant Robotics

Compass Award: Matt Nilsen, 4216, Rise of Hephaestus

Judges Award (Enchantment): 2944, TREX

Judges Award (Grand Canyon): 12241, Paragon Panthers

Gracious Professionalism Award (Presented by CocoNuts): 7582, Griffin Eagles

Team Spirit Award (Presented by CocoNuts): 12241, Paragon Panthers

Teams Advancing to the FIRST World Championship: 
15430, ACE Robotics
12767, Catholic Master Builders
10111, Herberger Javelinas
8081, Knights of the Lab Table

Teams that competed and previously advanced to the FIRST World Championship: 
4216, Rise of Hephaestus
6929, Data Force

Friday, March 22, 2019

AZ & NM Championship Live Streams!

Arizona and New Mexico Championship Live Stream!!!

Good luck to all the teams competing tomorrow at the Championship!!! Four teams will advance to the FIRST World Championship...who will it be? Find out by tuning in to the live streams and cheering your teams on!