Arizona & New Mexico Championship Results

Arizona & New Mexico Championship Results Congrats to all 48 teams that competed at last weekend's Championship, and a huge thank...

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Advancement, Tournament Lists & Reminders

Meet the Field Day is Coming!
Get your team ready to compete by attending one of our numerous Meet the Field Day events in Arizona and New Mexico! Meet the Field Day is a chance to practice on a full field, collaborate and network with other teams, and get help with your mechanical design and programming.

Meet the Field Day in Arizona takes place in numerous locations across the state on November 3. CLICK HERE to see the locations and times and to RSVP.

Meet the Field Day in Albuquerque will take place on 8 Saturdays starting October 27 at Nex+Gen Academy. Planned Dates: October 27, Nov 3, 17, Dec 1, 8, 15, Jan 5, 12  Noon to 5PMmornings optional by advance requestPlease text prior to coming with your team number to Ford Davis at 505-400-5529. Feel free to reach out to Ford for directions or to schedule a time to come in the morning by emailing

Registration deadline with FIRST: November 1
Tournament payment deadline: November 16
Dean's List Nomination Deadline: the 15th of the month BEFORE your tournament

Advancement to Arizona & New Mexico Championship
This year we're planning a 2-division dual-state Championship once again. Advancement will be based on performance at your 1st three qualifying tournaments and follow the guidelines stated in the Game Manual Part 1. In addition to the teams hosting qualifiers, 38 additional teams will be invited to compete at the Championship. 

The number of teams advancing from each qualifier is based on the total number of teams competing at events and the number of teams competing at a particular event. Here are the projected numbers for advancement this season: 

  • 12-16 teams competing: 2 teams advance
  • 17-19 teams competing: 3 teams advance
  • 20-24 teams competing: 4 teams advance
With almost 100 teams competing in our region this season, earning a spot at the Championship will be very competitive! Here are some tips that can help you field the best possible team at competition: 
  • Integrate the FIRST Core Values into everything your team does so it's part of your team's culture - a team that really "gets it" shines at competition naturally. 
  • FIRST is way more than robots - get your team involved in the community and in your school! 
  • Set deadlines for the robot build and stick to them.
  • Have a clear strategy for game play - sometimes it's best to do one thing very well than try to do every aspect of the game. 
  • Attend Meet the Field Day - you'll be amazed at how much your robot will improve in just a few hours. 
  • Keep an excellent Engineering Notebook from the very beginning - the Engineering Notebook is a required piece to all of the awards that allow a team to advance to the next level of competition. 
  • Practice your judging presentation prior to arriving at competition. 
  • Collaborate with other teams in your area. 
  • Take time to develop your own team image and identity and then celebrate it at competition. 
We can't wait to see all the amazing things your team will do and to celebrate your accomplishments at the tournaments! 

Check out the Tournament Team List under Quick Links to see which teams you're competing with at your events! 

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