Arizona & New Mexico Championship Results

Arizona & New Mexico Championship Results Congrats to all 48 teams that competed at last weekend's Championship, and a huge thank...

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Glendale Results; Deadline for Qualifiers & Dean's List

Not competing in Tucson? Volunteer for FIRST Lego League!
And now a message from long-time FIRST volunteer & coach Jessica Popham: "AZ friends! Looking for some more help for our 1st QC FLL tournament. This Saturday, December 8th 8-4 pm. Free lunch, free t-shirt. If you like any of the following; fun, free food, kids, robots, Legos, space, NASA... at Queen Creek High School. Let me know if interested."

Deadline to Register for Qualifying Tournaments
Looking for one more Rover Ruckus play this season? We have just a handful of spots left in New Mexico! Don't wait until your team has a blast at their first event and wants to play another...register now! 

Alamogordo: January 12 - 18 teams registered, 2 spots left
Albuquerque: January 26 - 17 teams registered, 7 spots left

The deadline for registering for any of these remaining spots is Wednesday December 12 at Noon. Teams will still be allowed to join wait lists for any full events. 

NOTE: Albuquerque is scheduled to be a 2-field event capped at 24 teams. If it is at 20 teams or less on Dec. 12, it will be played as a 1-field event. The difference between 20 teams and 21 teams at an event is the playoff alliances (2 vs 3 teams), which also impacts the trophies needed for an event. 

Control System Alert!!!
Teams,  this year’s game rule <RS02> says you must have version 4.0 or above for your Driver Station and Robot Controller Apps.  Instructions for downloading the latest versions from the Google Play store can be found here

If you are programming with OnBot Java or Blocks Programming, installing the latest version of the DS and RC apps will not impact your existing programs. They will still reside on your RC app after the installation. 

For Android Studio programmers, you will also need to download the latest version of the FTC SDK (ftc_app-master) on GitHub. Copy your robot programs into the new FTC SDK using the copy/paste function found on Android Studio’s “Project” panel.  

January Dean's List Deadline Coming Up!
You have a student on your team, who above all others, demonstrates leadership, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and is dedicated to increasing awareness of FIRST®. FIRST® Tech Challenge students are changing the world – help the change-maker on your team further their potential and nominate them for the Dean’s List Award.

Dean's List Nominations for all January tournaments is coming up on Friday, December 15 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. For many of you this is your last opportunity to nominate!!! It's also the last opportunity for New Mexico events!

Teams competing in the Alamogordo, Queen Creek, Albuquerque, and Chandler qualifiers must submit their nominations by the deadline via your Dashboard. See the Dean's List resources to the right for more information. 

Glendale Event Results
Congrats to all the teams that competed in Glendale, and thank you to Team 12901 Project: COBRA for putting on such an awesome event!

Inspire Award: 14436, Roaring Robotics
Winning Alliance: 2844, Valley X & 13604, Alumin-nati & 15058,Jaguar Robotics
Finalist Alliance: 14436, Roaring Robotics & 11666 Griffin Robotics & 12884, Bucephalus
Think Award: 12884, Bucephalus
Connect Award: 6174, Automatons
Rockwell Collins Innovate Award: 201, BroncoBotics
Design Award: 2844, Valley X
Motivate Award: 8995, Jaegers
Control Award: 15058 Jaguar Robotics
Judges Award: 15186, Lady Falcons

Teams Advancing to the Championship: 
14436, Roaring Robotics
13604, Alumin-nati
9743, Stingers
15058, Jaguar Robotics
8995, Jaegers


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