Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Albuquerque & Chandler Results; World Championship & Jump Start

FIRST® Tech Challenge World Championship Waitlist
The FIRST Tech Challenge Championship Waitlist is open! The deadline to apply is February 14, 2019. Learn more about the details of our lottery system and notifications in the latest blog post from FIRST.

FIRST Tech Challenge Jump Start
Looking to add a 2nd team at your school? Is another school in your district excited to start at team for next season? Spread the word about the FIRST Tech Challenge Jump Start program! Jump Start allows teams to register for the 2019/2020 season and get a robot kit now, and have their registration fee waived when the season opens in May. See more details here. 

Is your Team interested in Volunteering at Championship? 
We still need several support roles filled, including queuers, practice field monitors, and a safety crew. We also still need a handful of judges and referees (must be a high school graduate for these roles.) If your team is interested in volunteering, please contact Christine directly for a list of roles available and instructions for registering to volunteer. Volunteers must be registered by February 11, and walk-on volunteers will not be able to be accepted. 

Albuquerque Event Results
Congrats to all the teams that competed in Albuquerque, and thank you to FTC Team 7582 Griffin Robotics for putting on such an awesome event!

Inspire Award: 10348, Gear Masters
Winning Alliance: 6929, Data Force & 12724, BioHazard Robotics Detail
Finalist Alliance: 14571, Marvels & 7813, Space Force
Think Award: 11298, Die Krieger
Connect Award: 11054, Brain Hackers
Rockwell Collins Innovate Award: 14999, Prestige Worldwide
Design Award: 14571, The Marvels
Motivate Award: 15516, Eagles MX
Control Award: 12724, BioHazard Robotics Detail

Teams Advancing to the Championship: 
10348, Gear Masters
12724, BioHazard Robotics Detail
11054, Brain Hackers
8955, R2D2
7582, Griffin Eagles

Chandler Event Results
Congrats to all the teams that competed in Chandler, and thank you to FTC Team 2844 Valley X for putting on such an awesome event!

Inspire Award: 8081, Knights of the Lab Table
Winning Alliance: 13604, Alumin-nati & 12604, Tiger Blue & 11980, Team Viper
Finalist Alliance: 12767, Catholic Master Builders & 2944, T-REX & 5661, Wolves Robotics 1
Think Award: 10523, Dragons
Connect Award: 11980, Team Viper
Rockwell Collins Innovate Award: 12604, Tiger Blue
Design Award: 6174, Automatons
Motivate Award: 5661, Wolves Robotics 1
Control Award: 12767, Catholic Master Builders
Judges Award: 11666, Griffin Robotics

Teams Advancing to the Championship: 
2944, T-REX
12604, Tiger Blue
6174, Automatons
5661, Wolves Robotics 1
2844, Valley X

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