Arizona & New Mexico Championship Results

Arizona & New Mexico Championship Results Congrats to all 48 teams that competed at last weekend's Championship, and a huge thank...

Friday, September 28, 2018

Tournaments are filling up FAST!

It looks like everyone is Ready to Ruckus, because the qualifying tournaments are filling FAST!!! 
As of 11:30 am on Friday, there are only 5 spots left in Arizona Qualifying Tournaments!  

There's still plenty of room to compete in New Mexico! Please be aware that if a tournament does not reach a minimum of 12 teams competing, we may be forced to cancel the event. 

If your team is only signed up for 1 or 2 events and you'd like another play, please consider registering for the White Mountain or Queen Creek events ASAP before they also are full. Hey New Mexico teams, we're offering you the chance to play twice without needing to go out of state - please take advantage of this opportunity! 

We will also allow out of region teams to register for our qualifying tournaments starting in mid-October. Any spots not claimed by Arizona or New Mexico teams may be taken by an out of region team. 

Open registration will start on October 6, where teams can take any available spot regardless of how many events they are registered for. Please keep in mind that FIRST Tech Challenge rules state that teams may only advance or win judged awards from their first three events. Teams are welcome to play in more than 3 events with the understanding that they do so for fun and the experience, not to win awards. Teams may still be on the Winning or Finalist alliances at events after their 3rd. 

Many events now have wait lists. Teams are welcome to join the wait lists by filling out the registration form for an event. Movement off the wait list may not happen until the week prior to the tournament, so watch your email! 

There are only a few reasons that we will allow teams to drop out of an event without penalty. A cancellation policy will be included in your invoice and will be posted here. 

Teams will be sent a personalized invoice the week of October 8. In the meantime, if you need to start a PO for your events, please make them out to: 

Coconino High School Robotics
2801 N. Izabel St. 
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

White Mountain Robotics Conference
What are YOU doing October 27? Consider coming to the 1st Annual White Mountain Robotics Conference, hosted by the Juggerbots and the Jaegers! Hands on workshops, 3D printing, and more to be had...and it's free! Click the link to the right under Team Resources to find out more and to register. 

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