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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Meet the Field Day and Dean's List

Be sure to pay attention to these and all rules as you design your robot and strategy. 

FIRST Tech Challenge Dean's List
The FIRST Dean's List is a way to recognize outstanding student leaders on FIRST Tech Challenge teams. Each team may nominate up to two students who are in 10th or 11th grade for the FIRST Dean's List. 

The nomination deadline is the 15th of the month PRIOR to your qualifying tournaments at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. That means we're less than two weeks away for the deadline to submit a nomination for the White Mountain and Gilbert Tournaments! The nomination deadlines are: 
  • October 15 - White Mountain & Gilbert
  • November 15 - Glendale, Tucson, Phoenix
  • December 15 - Queen Creek, Alamogordo, Albuquerque, Chandler
  • January 15 - West Valley
The nominees become Dean's List Semi-Finalists. All nominees are interviewed in person at the qualifying tournament selected when the nomination is made by at least 2 judges. Semi-finalists are recognized during the closing ceremonies at the qualifiers, but no announcement of Finalists are made at the qualifiers. 

The notes from the interviews and nomination essays for all the Semi-Finalists from all the Qualifying Tournaments are passed to a selection committee. The Finalists are selected from the entire pool of Semi-Finalists, and announced at the Arizona & New Mexico Championship in February. 

For more information on the Dean's List, please visit the FIRST Tech Challenge Dean's List page. 

Meet the Field Day
With just over a month until our first events, it's time to Meet the Field! This is an opportunity for teams to practice on a full field, network with other teams, get help with build and programming and calibrate programs. 

Arizona Meet the Field Days are all on November 3, 2018 at numerous locations around the state. Teams can sign up for Arizona Meet the Field Day by clicking here and filling out the brief RSVP form. 

Alamogordo's Meet the Field Day will be on October 14 from 11 am to 3 pm. Contact Christina Leon for more information.

Albuquerque's Griffin Robotics team will host numerous Meet the Field Dates from late October through next semester at Nex+Gen Academy. Contact Ford Davis for more information.

Qualifying Tournament Registration
Currently there are 94 Arizona and New Mexico teams registered for qualifying tournaments! Spots are filling up fast - we have only 2 spots left at White Mountain, 1 at Queen Creek, 7 at Albuquerque, and 7 at Alamogordo. Teams may now register for any available spots, regardless of how many events they are confirmed for. The week of October 17, any remaining spots will be available to out of region teams on a case by case basis. 

Individual team invoices will be sent out starting Monday, October 8. Payment for all events is due November 16, 2018. Teams that fail to meet the payment deadline may be dropped from their events. 

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